Jeremy Breitenbach

Software Developer / Problem Solver

C# - Simon Game

This project focused on building a game within a team setting.

The game we chose was the memory/pattern matching game Simon. If you have never played, the idea is to match the pattern of images/tones displayed and each turn the pattern gets longer. 


Our main menu was colorful, simple in layout, and to-the-point. 


When you start the game you are asked to enter your player name.


Next you can set the difficulty level depending on skill. Each difficulty level is a game of 10 rounds.

Easy - Starts with a length of 1 and increments by 1 until a pattern of 10 is completed.
Medium - Starts with a length of 2 and increments by 2 until a pattern of 20 is completed.
Hard - Starts with a length of 3 and increments by 3 until a pattern of 30 is completed.


Here is the game board.


When you click start the pattern is displayed. The colored tile is shown and a short tone is played. There is a small pause between each tile that gets shorter for each difficulty level. 


At the end of the game (either Win or Lose) your score is entered to the scores Database and the top 10 scores are shown so you can see how your game matched up to the best scores.