Jeremy Breitenbach

Software Developer / Problem Solver



Hi I'm Jeremy Breitenbach,

...and I want to put my skills to work for you.


I've always been fascinated/interested in how things work and my curiosity lead me to programming.

At first, I learned some basics (simple logic, Python, basic scripting) on my own. However, once I realized my interest wasn't a passing phase, I decided to get a degree in software development.

During school I worked as an intern developing software for a fairly large private corporation and easily found employment after graduation.  

My primary interests are inclined towards mobile and web applications, continual exposure to market-standard languages and best practices, as well as learning about enterprise-level solutions (large corporate strategy). 

I am currently pursuing my Microsoft Certified Software Developer certification in Web Applications. 

My immediate goals are to continue learning emerging technologies, maintain legacy software, build up my consulting client-base, and put my skills to use helping small to medium business.