Wanna be paid to be creative?

Becoming a software engineer is one of the most mainstream ways of being paid to be creative.

Your career path has several options available:

You can take what you learn at IHCC and specialize in a bussiness specific languages, or start mastering any of the many diverse web languages and programming technologies.

Either way, the Software Development Program at IHCC is a great starting point towards mastering key business practices and learning industry standard programming concepts.

Mainframe Projects

Mainframe projects give you the opportunity to understand what it's like to use an enterprise ready software language and be in control of incredibly powerful business computers.
COBOL, JCL, and DB2 make the business world run!
Visual Basic (VB) projects give you valuable experience necessary to code Graphical User Interface (GUI) programs that are a primary key to many business and personal computer applications.

Visual Basic Projects

JavaScript Projects

JavaScript is an incredibly useful OOP language for making User Interactive web applications and as bridging language for mobile application development.